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By: Shawn Davis

A hidden camera can be the best protection you have for your home. These cameras are not just used by the unscrupulous in places like bedrooms and bathrooms; ordinary people who want to make sure their homes truly are sanctuaries use hidden cameras every day. It is not the outside of a home that a hidden camera is meant to protect (although that can be very beneficial), but it is rather what is inside the home that is most important. The inside is where your children live and where your valuables reside.

The hidden camera in the home looks like regular household objects: clocks, radios, speakers, kitchen appliances, lamps, even stuffed animals. Most of these objects even perform regular functions, so they are useful aside from allowing you to know exactly what is going on inside your home. Because the camera is hidden in what appears to be ordinary objects, the nanny, babysitter, or housekeeper does not even know that she or he is being watched. Although you can let such people know that you do have a hidden camera or two about so that they are on their best behaviors when in your home (just do not say where the camera is).

Abuse of children by nannies and babysitters is on the rise, and you can press charges with the evidence you collect from a hidden camera. It allows you to catch abusive behavior and ensure that your children remain in a safe environment, even when you are from home (no parties for older children when you are away, either!). On top of that, while there are many housekeepers that are impeccable in their honesty, there are a few that do not scruple to take a little extra while on the job. A hidden camera will help you detect theft and protect your valuables.

The proper placement of a hidden camera can save you anguish and indecision. This can help you recover damages, press charges, and ensure that offenders receive the justice they have coming to them. After all, with the proof right before your eyes, you can act immediately and with certainty.

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Shawn Davis

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